Demands of 16 Senators to Michel Martelly made public

The Haitian Senators have spoken. The 16 Haitian Senators or as they come to be known as the group of 16 released a statement in which they made several demands to President Michel Martelly. According to the Senators, this is the only way the current crisis can be solved between the Haitian President and the Senators.


This is definitely a long list and in it, there are several demands made to the president.

It is a proclamation of the current situation and the Senators.

Knowing the mentality of my Haitian brothers in Haiti, if the Senators are not willing to negotiate on this proposed list, we are doomed. We are in a political deadlock for a long time. And that is and I repeat, that is if "Mister Blanc" does not come in and say enough is enough.

I think at this time we might need the intervention of an adult to break this fight.

The house is on fire and they can not see that.

Here is the video of the demands made by the 16 Haitian Senators to President Michel Martelly

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Jackson Lee says...

For those of us who are interested in helping the Haitian people but do not undrstand Creole, what are the demands, in English

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Gesnel Adelson says...

I am neither for the president nor for the parliament.

In fatc, I am for change.

Martelly has to work in collaboration with the senators to do what is good for Haitian people not for the white settlers nor mulattoes that dream to exterminate Haitian people in the Island of Haiti.

Be reminded that between 1915 and 1934,the president of Haiti"Vilbrun Guillaume Same" was assassinated by an American president"Woodro Wilson"in order to place Surde Dartiguenave on power.Then the American government was written the Haitian constitution and forced Dartiguenave to sign it. It was true. We have to keep our eyes on Martelly.

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