Would you believe this? Tet kale is actually a new Political party in Haiti

This is true, the name Tet kale now means the newest political party in Haiti. This is one more in a land where political parties have reached an epidemic proportion.


According to Justice Minister Jean Renel Sanon on Thursday, the new party called the Haitian Tet Kale Party was registered at the Ministry of Justice and is in fact operational

Mezanmi, nou nan politik tet kale

Are you ready for more Zin?

The principal author is not a member. Haiti president, Michel Martelly who has the nickname "Tet Kale" is still under the banner of 'Repons Peyizan'.

Minister Sanon, a member of the Haitian Tet Kale Party, reported to the Haitian newspaper "Le Nouvelliste" that "President Martelly is not a member of the Haitian Tet Kale Party but has affinities with it."

"The next political party should be called" Ti Manman Cheri Political Party"

Here are some key members of the Tet kale Party: Anne Valérie Thimothé Milford, Chief of Staff to President Martelly, Yanick Mézil, the Minister for Women and Women's Rights, Antoine Joseph, Yasmine Saba, William Guy and Clémenta Delight.

Former Senators Joseph Lambert reported that he did not participate in the implementation of the Party Haitian Tet Kale but interested in being part of a platform with the PHTK

Senator Youri Latortue also mentioned the possibilities for his political party, Ayiti An Aksyon, to be part of a platform with the PHTK.

Make sure you save one of the following names in case you might be interested:

Ti Man Man Cheri Political Party

Kay Pam Political Party

Katye Pam Poze Political Party

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