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Rodolphe Schomberg - April 27 2011, 9:41 AM

People who write for the diaspora should have their writing edited.

You need to know english to write to the public.

It is of very poor taste to be criticizing your own country fellows.

Do you not realize you are not only telling on them but also you are showing just how ignorant you really are. This is not to say that you might have been completely wrong in your judgment
but since you are the gauge by which you judge others...

Thereby admiting
being jealous that others got to be paid to cheat and not you. What proof do we have that they counted wrong?

To insult your country men of addition deficiency is implicate ourselves of the same, Since we all learnt the same things.

Thus if there is a deficiency, it must be in the teaching.

Let's get our facts straight before we criticize

Response to:

In that case in think is not because they dont know...

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Swearing of Parliament suspended due to transparency problem by Provisional Electoral Council, CEP

One Monday, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) informed the public that in the best interest of the nation, they will not publish the results...

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