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Gesnel - June 3 2011, 6:03 PM

It's time for haitian people to stay shoulder to shoulder, it's time for the political parties to be aware of where we're from, where we are, and how far we have to go. Since 1804 we've been killing each other for the reason of power.However, more and more haitians are dyind of hunger and most of the nation are illiterate.There's no health care, no sanitation services, no security, and no electricity.

We treat ourselves like animals.

we spend our time in political unrest.

Other nations divide us and play us like a game. we call ourselves"First black independent nation".When will we use what we call in French"L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE?Hey, we can fix Haiti, so it can become once more"LA PERLE DES ANTILLES".I love Haiti and my nation.

Thank you

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