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Camelia Joseph won Discrimination lawsuit against Disney

Discrimination against Haitians throughout the United States is never a surprise to me. Have been known that Americans hate Haitian people. However, Hilary and Bill Clinton... more »

Chelsea Clinton emailed Dad, Mom on Haitian relief concerns

Chelsea seems having a good heart, but her mom and dad are two evils, and cannibals more »

RE: Deputy Arnel Belizaire brutal assault on Minister Phelito Doran

a papa tout moun jwenn. Aristid te prezidan, Mateli te tounen yon pongongon. li te manke li dega jan li vle. E sou preval, menm bagay. fwa sa a se Anel Belizair ki tounen yon... more »

Re: Video For The Funeral Of Guiteau Toussaint, Haitian Banker...

In spite of the fact that I do not recognize Guiteau Toussain,but I feel hurt.Of course it could be either me or any other human being.It is time for "Justice department and the... more »

Re: Daniel-Gerard Rouzier Back Pedaling On Statement Related To...

It's time for haitian people to stay shoulder to shoulder,it's time for the political parties to be aware of where we're from,where we are,and how far we have to go.Since 1804... more »

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