RE: Surprise, Thierry Mayard-Paul Will Not Be The Next Prime Minister Of...

Samy - August 10 2011, 4:09 PM

When you talk about high school diploma, if I was you, I would think twice before saying something like that. Remember Antoine Simon, Jean Claude Duvalier:These guys did more than the one that you consider like intellectual.Your J B Aristide went to S Africa earning a degree in zulu linguage to be called Doctor Aristide, before that he was a demagog, then people like you proclam him as intellectual by not able to prove what he really knew. Please stop it.From now on let's be behind our President regardless who is he

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The 600,0000 people went to the election and voted...

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Surprise, Thierry Mayard-Paul will not be the next Prime Minister of Haiti

After the failure of the last two selections of President Martelly for Prime Minister, the fingers are now pointing to Thierry Mayard-Paul as the...

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