Congratulations to the Legislator of My Country Haiti to have rejected that

Ronald Reggy - August 18 2011, 8:54 AM

At least the Haitian parliament have finally make a good decision without letting any pressure leading them in their way. You have taken a good decision in two occasion by rejecting the first and second choice of Martelly's Selection of Prime Minister.

Mostly the second choice had been the best you could have ever taken in the best interest of the Haitian People.

Maybe they the common haitian wont' understand your decision and might critic you. But you have again proven that you put the interest of the Nation above any critic or pressure.

Bernard Gousse, this human rights violator when he was Minister of Justice, would lead this country to again more and more injustice and violence.

President Martelly must understand that the next Haiti Prime Minister won't come from his entourage or the people he will want to be part of his team of future destruction of Haiti.

He must understand that he has been mandated by the Haitian People and his choice of a prime minister should reflect the Haitian Society.

We mean a prime minister choice should be chosen after consultation of the Haitian Society, not Michel Martelly's society...



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