Haitian Houngan invented Cholera Magic Powder

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Napoleon W. says...

This is so sad to hear that some of our brothers in Haiti think that there is a Cholera Magic Powder and some have lost their lives because of such belief. It is important to... more »

Mercy Hilaire says...

This is unbeleivable. For Haitians to think that cholera can be given through Magic Powder. These people need education bad. I think those remote areas of Haiti have never had... more »

Cenat says...

egazakteman, mwen tande sa, gen yon gwoup haitian nan komin pignion yo di ki fe yon poud ki menm jan ak cholera ki tiye moun nan 3 jou,li vini sou ou sou fom diare tou, men... more »

Claisha says...

OMG! UNBELIEVABLE, it cannot be possible. No way, how can someone believe that. more »

Duvall Duprey says...

Yes Cholestera was Invented Years ago, just like HIV. Cholestera was invented by the Russian... HIV was invented by the USA... more »

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