RE: Charles Henri Baker Met Little Haiti In A Town Hall Meeting

Gaspard Nicholas - October 11 2010, 6:36 AM

This election will see the election of a woman president and not Charles Henri Baker.

I think Chalito can be a good person to work with Mrs. Manigat in the presidency post.

Why do we have so many candidates to begin with?

So many people seem to think only they know what the problems of Haiti are and are the only ones who can solve them.

We are living in a dream if we think the country will be governed by Haitians.

We have shown our inability to run anything.

As a consequence, for the next 25 years Haiti will be governed not by Haitians but the International community

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Charles Henri Baker met Little Haiti in a Town Hall Meeting

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I think if M. Manigat gets elected she should chose...

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