RE: Is President Michel Martelly A Haitian, American Or An Italian?

Joe Gerard Dieudonne - January 22 2012, 8:08 PM

Hey compatriot, how are you doing?According to your respond i did not deny that Mr. Martelly can be either a US citizen or an Italian citizen, but i cannot understand for someone to have 3 Nationalities in the same time. I think once you're a US citizen that's enough for you to travel all over the world without any issue.But to have more than three.,it's absolutely crazy...Anyway all we need now is to have the country move on with progress...Look now with this huge University in Limonade we have a serious problem..Which how they're going to government this facility?

Professors are needed, especially this is the first time Haiti has this kind of real system in place, and it's an obligation for the Government to find good and capable professors, not the same kind of we have right now in these many Faculties...i was just listening to Metropolis on Metropole hosting by Nancy Rock, talking about the University in Limonade., the question is again huge to manage this place...let's see how the Government can find adequated and capable folks to teach in this beautiful and marvelous University in the North, in Limonade.*** i really thank you for the clarification on this issue of someone with multiple nationalities..thank you again, happy sunday to you and your loved ones, and God bless you as always...

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Good afternoon Mr. Dieudonne, The following are just...

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