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Monel - January 29 2012, 8:57 PM

Mr. Emmanuel, we know our country needs all of us, that's true ! but only one thing you and your president have to know, JUSTICE first and then united between all of us, after that the country gonna have a better chance to got peace.

Don't worry bro ! I like this sentence " Sak pa kontan anbake"But you look like you forgot when we are not happy.

If you got a little bit memory "si ou pa gen memwa poul " you can remember in 1986 we were not happy " nou te anbake ou we sak te pase, Fok ou menm ak tout pwezzidan tet kale san bab ou la, fe anpil prekosyon pou li pa fe nou kontan, paske le nap anbake nap pase pran piti ala mamel, male aveti pa tiye kokobe".

Padon after trial.

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Today our country needs all of us,it is not the time...

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