RE: Allegation Of Coup D'Etat Conspiracy Against Michel Martelly

Wenky Pierre - February 3 2012, 9:53 AM

I am asking me when Haiti will change, because each people who is leading our belove country are just looking for money.

we have got many many of coup d'etat in our belove country but everything stay the same, time to time that become worse than before.

The Senators just want money, it's the reason why there are doing this.

If i have got money, certainly i will pay them and take off them in their place just to leave Haiti take another respiration.

other people/nations are laughing when they are looking us, fighting togetter just for money, but people in the Haitian gourvernment don't have ashame to say no, no, we won't fight again for money, because we need to change our belove country.

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This is actually the last set of noise before Michel...

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