RE: Arly Lariviere, the Haitian artist who sings with a purpose

Dickerns - December 22 2012, 10:02 PM

I believe that we, Haitians, make the best music.

I've been living in the US for almost 30 years.

When I was in Haiti, my favorite singer was Ti Manno and I supported D.P. Express, but my favorite group, by far, was Skah Shah. I was obsessed with Skah Shah. It took me a while to get used the new generation of haitian music, and to be honest, I thought, at first, that the new generation of musicians were not as musically gifted as the old generation, who in my humble opinion, understood and respected their craft better.

Actually, I soon realized that, the new style, although a strong departure from the original 'Kompa', was still very good and the musicians were quite innovative.

I must confess I still gain greater pleasure jamming to the old Skah Shah, Tabou, System, Dejean etc...

Many groups out there such as Carimi, Kreyol La, Nu-Look, T-Vice, Zenglen etc...

are keeping our music very much alive with a new flavor.

Recently, I have been listening to three groups: Kreyol La, Nu-Look and Carimi.

All three are very good. In terms of lyrical content and vocal ability, Nu-Look with Arly Lariviere rules! Honestly, there are a couple of songs on the Nu-Look album that remind me of Ti Manno.

It would be a shame if this group could not remain together.

I don't care what the problem is; work it out! You guys owe it to your fans to keep making beautiful music.

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