Arly Lariviere, the Haitian artist who sings with a purpose

Arly Lariviere had the passion of being a musician since he was baby and this love of music was passed on by his father and Tropicana D'Haiti. He is a real talented singer whose melodies and words flow through his veins without much effort.


Arly Larivière - A Qui La Faute:

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Arly Lariviere has decided to retire from the Nu look group; not his own will but because of certain activities carried out by the group that have not pleased him and his family. His decision will greatly affect the members of the group and their dependants, so he therefore decided to remain active for some time.

Arly Lariviere _wasn't meant to be *LYRICS:

Watch more music videos from Arly Lariviere.....

He has received many phone calls and emails from his fans complaining of loss of motivation. Due to his love for his fans he has apologized for any loss of morale and any regret caused.

Watch more music videos from Arly Lariviere.....

Arly Lariviere loves his fans so much that he always emphasized that without them he would not have achieved his dream. For this reason he has decided to go back to his word of remaining in the group until further notice. He will always be admired for his appreciation of his followers.

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Dickerns says...

I believe that we, Haitians, make the best music.

I've been living in the US for almost 30 years.

When I was in Haiti, my favorite singer was Ti Manno and I supported D.P. Express, but my favorite group, by far, was Skah Shah. I was obsessed with Skah Shah. It took me a while to get used the new generation of haitian music, and to be honest, I thought, at first, that the new generation of musicians were not as musically gifted as the old generation, who in my humble opinion, understood and respected their craft better.

Actually, I soon realized that, the new style, although a strong departure from the original 'Kompa', was still very good and the musicians were quite innovative.

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Leslie says...

Arly you know who you are and always will be..sometimes decisions we made in our lives may not be others expectations.

I'm all for, that you do, what is right for you
best wishes to

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Exumene says...

je vous remercie pour ces beaux

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Yole says...

It is so

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