Livres en Folie, the biggest book fair in Haiti

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Judith says...

The 19th Edition of Livres en Folie this year at the Historical Sugarcane Park in Tabarre had a record of 129 authors participating. The attendance of the population increased... more »

Sabine says...

In the book fair "Livres en Folie" I did not see the presence of Edwidge Danticat. I was there but dod not see her. I also have a critic for "Livres en Folie". I feel that there... more »

Nelson says...

Le Nouvelliste UniBank gin yon gro zero pou lib an foli ane sa. Li fe cho, long yo long. Pouki sa yo pa ba yon moun ki konnon dirge baggy sa? more »

Blog Watcher says...

I don't understand this. You go to a fair and they don't have many of the books they are supposed to have. I went to Lives en Folie for 5 books I wanted. I only got 2. If they... more »

Demaske Yo says...

What does bring so many people in one place in Haiti where the subject is book and reading. Doesn't the news report otherwise. From what I have been hearing in the news, close 80... more »

Demaske Yo says...

.. I want to bring another thing. To understand why Livres en Folie is so successful, you don't have to go far. Just look at our painting, our art. We have had some of the best... more »

Mj says...

I want to purchase 2 - "Dis-moi comment recevoir Tome IV" by Magaly Pelissier. Where can I purchase them? more »

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