What happened to us Haitians? we are being robbed.

Demosthenes - November 24 2013, 2:56 PM

As a native Haitian it truly saddens me to see the state of Haitians.

What happened to us?

We've become the laughing stock of the Caribbean, and of the international community.

While we're busy senselessly tearing one another apart and destroying our country we are being robbed.

Robbed of our sovereignty, culture, and freedom.

Haiti has scared history with a successful slave revolt that lead to our freedom in 1804; we've aided other countries gain their freedom.Did you know that Haitian soldiers helped America in their fight for freedom?

That's right!Nearly 750 Haitian FREEMEN fought side by side colonial troops against the British in the Siege of Savannah on Oct. 9, 1779.

Check your History! We've allowed the influence of outsiders to divide us for too long.

Our ancestors believed in the saying "L'Union Fait La Force".

United they were able to defeat a world power (France) and evil (Slavery).

Ironically today we are no longer united.

The Haiti we are living in today is a direct affect of the schism among the Haitian people.

We went from the problem Papa Doc to Baby Doc; from the Tonton Macoute to L'armee d'Haiti; from former presidents Aristide to Preval; and now it's President Martelly.

Long after he's gone we have someone else to blame.

When are we going to be honest with ourselves and realize that Haiti's ill lies within the Haitian people?

So before we think about getting of someone for the wrong they are doing let's make sure we're doing the right thing.

That especially applies to ALL of our government officials.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus the Christ be with you all.

P.S. Mr. President Martelly, you also need to check your motives in your decision making.

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