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What happened to us Haitians? we are being robbed.

As a native Haitian it truly saddens me to see the state of Haitians. What happened to us? We've become the laughing stock of the Caribbean, and of the international community... more »

RE: Bomb Shell by Clifford Brandt implicating influential Haitian Families in Kidnapping network

Let's not be so quick to condemn someone on the basis of an "accusation". Everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty. Haiti's woes are so deeply rooted. We as a nation... more »

RE: Haiti Has Developed A National Security Plan, Will It Solve Crime?

Security has always been a topic in Haiti. You forgot to mention (in your list of areas to avoid at night) Petion-ville, Laboule, Thomassin, Turgeau, and Route des Freres... more »

RE: Change Of Guard At Haiti National Police, Godson Orelius To Replace...

Yes, I agree that Mr. Andresol did a "pretty good job". Was he given that position to do a "pretty good job" or to bring about some affective changes in the National Police... more »

RE: Change Of Guard At Haiti National Police, Godson Orelius To Replace...

Change of Guard? Were we as Haitian citizens being guarded? if so, then by whom? We live in a country where everyone does as they please; especially those who have money and are... more »

RE: Co-ownership. Is This Something Really Possible In Haiti?

The journalist raised some very important questions. I'm sure the President has taken or will take those possible scenerios mentioned by the journalist into consideration. We... more »

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