Pitit, Gade comman Kidnapping besse an Ayiti, Hey!

Jules Casseus - December 12 2013, 3:47 PM

Wi mezanmi fok Nou di l Tati Chen men di Dan l blan gouvenman sa a fe anpil efo pou stope kidnaping ki tap fet agroch adwat nan peyi a sitou nan Potoprins e kek fwa Okap. Ke tout moun te sou bisket paske ou pat konnen ki le se tou paw pou yo kidnape ou. An Nou di Bondye mesi, an Nou remersye gouvernement Matelly a pou ke poze li pote nan konbat zak beganday kidnapping sa a. ki tap sal imaj peyi a

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Pitit, Gade comman Kidnapping besse an Ayiti, Hey!

Starting in 2004, kidnapping has been prevalent in Haiti, a deadly trend, a quick way for thugs to get money off desperate family members. Victims...

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