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Ajl - February 12 2011, 7:04 PM

Peace to all of you, I understand where you are all coming from; but at the end of the day it's a loss. The guy was a young man, je compatis et presente mes condoleances a la famille Francois.

My people, brothers and friends, I want you all to know that it's about time that we all apply the lessons learned from the great Nelson Mandela;vengeance is not the answer at all time. Please let's stop all the nonsense and get back together as human and citizen of our nation and work together towards it's advancement.

My deepest sympathy to Michel and his family.

Beloved, I cried with you too when you had your loss and today I am also crying for this young man who lost his life so early.

Now beloved brothers, we know that two wrong won't make a right, please remember thatthe world is watching us, forgiveness is the key and whatever the dad did was wrong but it's time for us all to move forward with forgiveness for a better tomorrow of our Haiti who has suffered so much.

May God keep us all together and let's all used the sons and daugthers of our land to lift her to a new beginning.

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