Should there be a State National Funeral for Jean Claude Duvalier?

Nellystarone - October 6 2014, 10:05 PM

The majority of the people are illiterate and one step away from starvation, the plan for Haiti is to make it the new Hong Kong, exploit the poor, force them off their land and have them slave in sweat shops.

This man sold his country to the highest bidder, exploited the people the land and it's resources.

He was a despot a killer, a sellout, worked witch craft, theft, and an idiot.

Till we get rid of his supporters Haiti will continue to suffer and look like the cesspool of suffering for the majority of its citizens.

A land so valuable it was call the pearl of the caribbean till this monster and his regime came along.

The corruption is so rapid that he never went to jail not one day after he returned.

Question to all who gave him a visa or a passport or let him on the plain in the first place.

This is a slap in the face of all good Haitians.

For those who said he kept the peace and order, let me give you the analogy of the pimp and his hooker, so working with her pimp she no longer gets beat up violently, sure that's a good thing, she having a pimp. But she's still a hooker being exploited and never having a say in her life or choices and can't leave him for a better life. Hookers don't have happy lives or happy endings.

So far Haitians never got a real chance of choosing their government, the only elections from the last century were dismantled by US forces and corrupted regimes.

The puppet that was creatively put in office after the earthquake, is calling one of histories worst dictators a friend and a son of Haiti.

This is like a bad episode of the twilight zone.
While other emerging countries are moving people from poverty to the middle class in less then ten years, such as Brazil and India.

Haitian people are still on the streets in tents.

We still depend on outside nations to build our roads.

We now import sugar and rice. Why do we need to pay outside forces to keep the peace while the average Haitian is unemployed.

Why do we need to give tax breaks to rich corporations like Walmart, while gasoline and food are just as expensive as first world nations even higher?

The true sons of Haiti are unfortunately dead by the hands of the Duvalier's regime, in exile or far away in another land or just doing the best that they can in the corrupted mess that these monsters created and perpetuate.

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No, the true sons of Haiti are not dead. We are alive...

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