Evans Paul using bluff as tool against Dominican Government

Jude Leon - July 8 2015, 1:49 PM

In the case between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, we Haitians will be at a disadvantage for sometime to come. I will call it total dependence on the Dominicans.

There is nothing that we don't import from them. I heard recently that Haiti started importing Ice water from them. We have been importing things like Coconut, Limes and lots of things that we produce in Haiti.

Unlike the Dominicans, we in Haiti we elect our leaders for them to get rich quick not for a common objective.

After the earthquake, Dominicans companies gave some 2 million as kick back to Haitian authorities after receiving over $80 millions in Post Earthquake Contracts

In brief, we can say that Haiti has a cancer which is terminal.

It is corruption

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Evans Paul using bluff as tool against Dominican Government

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