moise jean charles advocates violence and prejudice

Cheria Gata - August 5 2015, 10:46 AM

too bad he didn't think about the tides changing! CEP is corrupt.

Haiti is corrupt.

Moise Jean Charles is corrupt.

The whole system is a mess!! This guy will be an even bigger disaster than what we have now. Lamothe was the adult in the room and everyone else pales in comparison and Lamothe has his faults...I don't see who was handpicked to run doing a good job. First allow everyone to run for presidency and have one election for both president and cabinet.

Love of money is what's motivating ALL of them, not love of COUNTRY.

Tout moun vle richess, min bay yo tout meme chans la pou yo mange ti sak rete nan peyi limite chwa pep la! Respekte pep la ase pou kite yo chwasi pwop dictate yo, pwop vole yo, pwop exekite yo.

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I remember just few months ago when Ex-Senator Moise...

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