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Michel Martelly, a frustrated president now relying on insulting women

I enjoyed reading your article. It put a different spin on things. Martelly for all his negatives, started out with great intentions. Like President Obama, he faced opposition at... more »

moise jean charles advocates violence and prejudice

too bad he didn't think about the tides changing! CEP is corrupt. Haiti is corrupt. Moise Jean Charles is corrupt. The whole system is a mess!! This guy will be an even bigger... more »

RE: Moise Jean Charles is example of Democracy in Haiti, Michel martelly

what about lamothe? how was his rights protected? he was used and then discarded and excluded for having the audacity to want to combat corruption? sounds great for tv though.... more »

RE: Decision not final on Moise Jean Charles' candidacy

I am no fan of Moise Jean Charles, but I am against corruption and usurpation of power even more. That discharge crap is a red herring. Allow citizens to run and allow the best... more »

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