Michel Martelly, a frustrated president now relying on insulting women

Cheria Gata - August 6 2015, 9:02 AM

I enjoyed reading your article.

It put a different spin on things.

Martelly for all his negatives, started out with great intentions.

Like President Obama, he faced opposition at every turn. Unlike President Obama, he himself got sucked into the corruption by surrounding himself with a corrupt wife, friends and alliances.

It made him a traitor to his friend Lamothe and the poor people of Haiti.

Yes, he is frustrated and he should be. No, it is not right to lose all sense of decorum.

President Obama will always remain a cool cat and President Martelly should have followed suit. I feel bad for him, but worse for Haiti.

A man is but a man. Love your country first.

As much as I grieve Lamothe for the glimmer of hope he provided to Haiti, always know that power corrupts everyone unless there are systems set in place to limit or deter it outright.

Haiti is no man's land.

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Michel Martelly, a frustrated president now relying on insulting women

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