Decision not final on Moise Jean Charles' candidacy

Candidate for President Moise Jean Charles might want to consider calling the forces that he believes in. Whether it is God, the "Lwas", etc. this is the time for the candidate to pull his "Baton Moise" to ask for special help as the CEP is considering the possibility to remove him from the Presidential race. It has been rumored that there are some funds given to him when he was the Mayor of the city of Milot for which he did not receive a "Decharge" for".


Kandida pou Prezidan Moise Jean Charles ta ka vle konsidere rele fòs yo ke li mete konfyans yo nan . Kit se Bondye, " Lwas a", elatriye, sa se tan pou kandida a rale " Baton Moise " pou mande èd paceke CEP a ap konsidere posibilite pou yo retire l ' soti nan ras pwezidansyèl la. Ginyin rimè ki di li pa ta resevwa décharge pou yon lajan lite resevwa lè li te Majistra a nan vil Milot

What do you think?

Do you see Moise in or out of the race?


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Cheria Gata says...

too bad he didn't think about the tides changing! CEP is corrupt.

Haiti is corrupt.

Moise Jean Charles is corrupt.

The whole system is a mess!! This guy will be an even bigger disaster than what we have now. Lamothe was the adult in the room and everyone else pales in comparison and Lamothe has his faults...I don't see who was handpicked to run doing a good job. First allow everyone to run for presidency and have one election for both president and cabinet.

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Cheria Gata says...

I am no fan of Moise Jean Charles, but I am against corruption and usurpation of power even more. That discharge crap is a red herring.

Allow citizens to run and allow the best man to win and send losers home packing in a democratically sane process.

No it is not fair to exclude him or Lamothe or anyone else. Do not limit choices for the electorate.

This whole thing is a joke and an insult to the intelligence of the Haitian people.

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Maryse St Preux says...

I don't feel very good about the situation in Haiti currently.

The up-coming election is likely not to take place.

Some how, the CEP has managed to remove some of the best candidates.

If good people either do not want to get involved in politic or are excluded from the process, then what do you expect?

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John Phanord says...

I remember just few months ago when Ex-Senator Moise Jean-Charles made the determination to Overthrow President Martelly.

He accused the Martelly Government of corruption, drug trafficking, while calling on the population to revolt.

Now I would like for Moise to tell me how he feels when the CEP is now determined to do the same to him.

After the CEP had removed some of the best candidates from the process, I really think the election will not take place this

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Liline St Jean says...

It seems to me that Moise jean Charles is going to be the next victim of the CEP. The Electoral law clearly stated that in order for an ex official in Haiti who has been managing government money to run for either the Presidency, Senate position or others in an election, he/she must have a clearance certificate or décharge.

It appears that Moise jean Charles has some unfinished businesses when he was the Mayor of Milot.

I will say that to the Senator of North: "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone"

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