A call for Haitian sacrifice for independence from Dominicans

Ricart - September 25 2015, 4:26 AM

waaaa waaaa waaaa! The big, bad, Dominicans will not let our Haitian brothers remain illegally in their country, so we are going to throw a tantrum and hinder their exports into Haiti; if Mexico were to implement that idiotic, non-practical, and unsustainable policy toward the United States for deporting Mexicans, USA would look for other markets for its products, and that is exactly what Dominicans should do; Furthermore, if Haitians are going to expand that idiotic, non-practical, and unsustainable policy toward other nations that deport Haitians (like the Bahamas, for example), they will end up without export and import partners in an age of intertwined economies.

Only a messed up country like Haiti, which is full of corrupt, incompetent and vindictive politicians, would implement such policy, when it has 10.32 million mouths to feed and their country do not produce enough livestock or food crops to feed the population; But hey, it does not matter if Marie Fernand and her 12 children go hungry, as long as vindictive Haitians that live comfortably abroad can stick it to the Dominicans.

Some Haitians are under the illusion that by hindering exports from the Dominican Republic they will change Dominican's attitudes toward them; Those Haitians should know that Dominicans will continue to dislike and distrust them with or without exports/imports deals; Furthermore, racist groups in the Dominican Republic use those bans to sow the seed of hatred toward Haitians and to promote Dominican nationalism; Basically, Dominicans are told that those bans are a Haitian conspiracy to damage DR's economy, that Haitian are not our friends, that they are backstabbers, that they are not to be trusted, and use all those conjectures to justify deporting Haitians from DR.

And to those hateful and vindictive foreigners that call themselves Haitians when they do not even live in Haiti, and that want poor Haitians back in the island to go hungry so they can exact revenge on the Dominican Republic, I say this: Don't pop the champagne corks yet, because the joke is on you!


The Civil Aviation Board (JAC) is finalizing a project to establish a corridor of Dominican-Haitian air cargo, with capacity to transport about a million pounds of perishable food products daily, said the council president, Roger Jover in a meeting with Listin Diario.

The plan developed a few months ago with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX), said Jover, who explained that the aim is to trade chickens, eggs and various agricultural foods.

Jover said that the routes that are being considered are Santo Domingo-Puerto Príncipe; Santo Domingo-Cabo Haitiano; Santiago-Puerto Príncipe y Santiago-Cabo Haitiano.

JAC's president explained that while some aspects relative to costs are being analized, in order to justify and minimize them, the finishing touches are being placed to complete the project.

"We are working on that. And the board has all the structure of the aircrafts, the company and all. When that agreement is reached, that company will immediately start running in 24 hours, "he said.

Jover said that the proposal existed long before Haiti banned the entry via land of 23 Dominican products, conditioning their entry only by air or sea.

This measure has been widely supported by the Haitian businessmen, including the Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH) and the Private Sector Economic Forum.

JAC's president noted that an air cargo corridor will guarantee constant supplies of products in Haiti, where one of the main problems faced by hotels (for example) is that sometimes they run out of food supplies.

JAC's president also stated that will increase Dominican exports and will generate taxes to the Haitian government, who according to Jove, support the initiative.

The representative of the European Union (EU) in Dominican Republic, Alberto Navarro, has warned that Haitian's restrictions to Dominican imports will make staple foods in Haiti more expensive.

Navarro explained that an analysis by the delegation of the European Union felt that the new provisions would cause "a rise of around 40%" of the goods concerned, including wheat flour, maize, edible oil, bread, cement, and detergents.

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A call for Haitian sacrifice for independence from Dominicans

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