RE: Radio Signal FM and Mario Viau

Barbara Collier - February 9 2018, 9:46 AM

I am a 67 year-old communication graduate student.

In 2016 I retired and went to China to teach English; I was surprised, but now concerned about how the weather and the unpredictable weather patterns are spreading.

My research papers revolve around the 2010 earthquake (technology that was available - radio, and trust in institutions that may have failed - American Red Cross housing).

I need truth, not case studies that may omit the facts.

I believe that radio was a crisis alert system and life line for the people of Haiti.

If possible I would like to talk with someone to understand what communications were available in 2010 and what systems are in place now. Please respond.

B. Collier

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Radio Signal FM and Mario Viau

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