RE: A Matter Of Gratitude And Respect - Open Letter To President Donald Trump

By: John - April 18 2018, 8:47 PM

Dr. Férère,

Your letter to the president is poignant.

Whenever I hear this kind of sordid historical analysis, it seems to me that Haitians as a whole, myself included (my parents brought me to the US when I was seven), have abdicated their solemn responsibility to build their own country and make their own country great.

Such failure has left us exposed to, as you say, "vulgar" and "blatantly mean expletives" when the so-called leader of the free world is expressing his opinion in a non-public forum.

He ought not to have used such an expression as "shithole," I suppose.

But the reality is Haiti is a shithole by any standard.

I have been there, I've witnessed it.

So to be offended whilst detailing the obvious contributions of Haitians to American "greatness" is not only self-defeating but, in my opinion, is absurd.

We live in a world made smaller by advances in technology, particularly, transportation and communications technology, ie, jet flight and the internet.

But defensive Haitians never tire of talking about how hard they work, how qualified they are, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

In my opinion Dr. Férère, all that time dedicated to teaching mostly American whites, as you say, might have been better spent teaching Haitians how to earn the respect of the world and build their own country so no one would see it fit to refer to a people who are arguably (or not) the most courageous the world has ever seen.

I think.

But thank you for your defense of our honor, our history and our courage.

No one is ever going to recognize that, most especially not racists, imperialists and colonialists warmongers bent on world domination and exploitation of the world's most vulnerable people.

It is rather sad when I think about the fact that Haitians, as you say, contributed to the greatness of the U.S. They seem to have contributed to the wholesale murder of tens of millions worldwide who have been victim of the global policy set forth by the US, especially after their victory over other forces of tyranny and oppression.

We should be careful what we contribute to and ask for; in the end, we might just get it.

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