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Koylee - September 28 2018, 8:03 AM

My birth name is Beatrice Volel.

I am the daughter of Suze Prepetit and Eddy Volel (brother of the late Yves Volel).

I want to inform the Haitian Community of a serious issue in the interests of community awareness and saving my own life. Suze & Eddy have taken out life insurance policies on me. Sylvie Volel (daughter of Yves) is paying for Eddy's policy.

They intend to use this money to fund Sylvie's future political candidacy in Haiti.

Please, inform other Haitains.

You can read about this and get read a book I wrote FOR FREE on my Facebook page: Koylee Krane.

I had changed my name because I did not want to be associated with these criminals.

But, you can verify my identity by looking up my current divorce case: BD630111.


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