What being Haitian and January 1st means to you.

Sonni Days - December 9 2018, 5:21 AM

Hi :),
I live in Australia and have done so all my life. Every 26th of January a great deal of the population celebrate Australia Day, myself included.

For Me it is a celebration of a beautiful country, freedoms of life, bbq's, the beach, surf & sunshine, family & friends, i can easily trace my ancestry back to 1870 in Australia without trying, though whether my ancestors came here 40,000 years ago, 200 years ago or 5 years ago I am still Australian happily so. Every 26th January there are now(and have been for some time) flag burning ceremonies along with cries of racism, things like this are said "We call it Survival Day. Whitefellas pretty much celebrating invasion and killing our mob off--that's what it feels like for us."
But that's not what we are celebrating at all, nobody I know is like that or celebrates that. I have read that a terrible massacre happened on the 1st of January 1804, a day that is celebrated in Haiti for the freedom of it's people.

I would just like to know please what being Haitian means to you and the things your are actually celebrating, in the hopes of showing people here that we are not celebrating the massacre of their people.

Hopefully one day our flags here will be joined together as one, the current Australian flag which many grew up loving and many great things have also been done under, the traditional Aboriginal Flag, the Torres Straight Islander flag, then maybe our people will be joined too.
In peace, hope and love,

Sonni Days

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