RE: Latest Poll, Candidate Jude Celestin Is Gaining Ground

Jackson C - October 28 2010, 12:03 PM

it's amasing to read some of you guys think like high school kids, it's time for you guys to speak and think like you live in 21rst centery, speak the truths it will set you free
i'm a haitian i was a lavalas but i have to say lavalas is a complete failure so does MR Aristide & Preval we need new leadership, but one thing i hate with a passion is to see a president ousted and exiled until we the HAITIANS people and international communities stand against that there will always be kaos in haiti...

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Latest poll, Candidate Jude Celestin is gaining Ground

The latest poll for Haiti Presidential election showed candidate Jude Celestin is gaining ground. According to the Miami Herald, Mirlande Manigat is...

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