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RE: Dominicans are not Racists, they just don't like Black Haitians

OMGosh, I can't believe someone will speak such nasty words. So that person means a white haitian then, their many black dominicans, very black. Wow I'm gonna stop now. Pray for... more »

RE: Dominicans are getting self-destructive, we should help them

I agree with this article 100%. also well spoken. Haiti will always be in my prayers. more »

phito point?

Hmmm, I need to know what your comment said, lol, you made is sound so intresting in the introduction frere.please keep Haiti in your prayers. more »

RE: James Rosemond, former Martelly's Business Partner, received Life for Drug trafficking

Wow, the bad news never stops, well, "you do the crime you pay the time". I pray he finds Jezi in jail. God is good more »

RE: Will Haitians in Dominican Republic have to pronounce "Perejil" all over again?

It's just a continuing spit in the face of Hatians. My country Trindad is near to other islands & entering them is no problem. Why is D.R. so hard on Haitians, they seem to... more »

Racist Dominican Government

Jean I agree with you 100%. Haitians have been forgotten over & over. We must continue to pray for Haitians & that the world will open there hearts & minds. more »

Racism on Haitians

Marie I agree with you 100%.Dominicans are racist, they forget their generations came from Africa & Haiti. My Ex his brother & sisters were born in D.R. but had Haitian... more »

RE: Haitian-American Victoria Duval survived kidnapping to win first round US Open tennis tournament

Awesome story, lovely family, I believe Vickie will continue to win championships, she's a natural at tennis. Another beauty about Haiti. God bless u cherie. ♥♡♥♡ more »

RE: Lucmane Delille to restore decency and morality among Haiti youth

I applaud you frere for wanting to restore respect from the youth, but the word if God says there will be loss of natural affection in these last days. We must continue to pray... more »

RE: Haiti jumped 15 slots, in 2013 Global Peace Index, leaving Dominican Republic behind

I give God all the glory, I thank his Holy spiritbrbringing peace on the island of Haiti, God is the Prince of peace so prays are working, Haiti will prosper, Jesus will change... more »

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