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RE: Jean-Bertrand Aristide to be questioned April 24, 2013 on John L. Dominique murder

Justice will be served, what's in the dark will come in the light, the bible says, Haiti is my love country, I'm from Trinidad, but always have a burden on my heart for Haiti, ... more »

RE: Police Operation in Bel-Air, Port-au-Prince, More than 100 Arrests

Thank God, I pray the country will b a little more safe more »

RE: Canada to stop funding new aid projects in Haiti, said Julian Fantino

Shame on Canada, if everyone stops giving Aid to Haiti & expect Haiti to help there selves it's genocide...think of the children 4 God sake. more »

RE: Scandal in Michel Martelly Inner Circle as Josue Pierre Louis is accused of raping his secretary

Oh no, not again, what's going, Lord help them more »

RE: Barricades and tire burning in Jeremie, protest against road work abandonment

Lape, Lape, Jezi create peace in Haiti more »

RE: Jacmel Reacted on Jean Marie Patrice Etienne's slaying and Jorry Maxy's Kidnapping

I am from Trinidad but I'm a lover of Haiti & Haitian people, I'm wondering what happens when the people protest like this, does the officials listen? I pray for Haiti that Jezi... more »

RE: Haitian Thanksgiving

I'm from Trinidad, but I love Haitian food very much, I will be eating some food from my Haitian friend...I pray God blesses me with a true Godly Christian Haitian man more »

RE: Haiti Has Developed A National Security Plan, Will It Solve Crime?

I believe by any means, crime has to be delt with because things are out of control, some Haitians can't more »

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