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Lucie Tondreau sentenced to over five years in federal prison

This is truly a fall from grace.Shame on her.we must learn to live truthfully & Remember the word says "Everything that's in the dark will come into the light. more »

RE: Breaking news - Oriel Jean, Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Dominique's Assassination

My Lord, why is it so easy to take a life when we did not give life. Jezi the people of Haiti needs you in their hearts. Heal corrupted hearts & minds Jezi. more »

RE: Sean Penn's third annual Help Haiti benefit raised nearly $6 million

It's awesome of sean to continue giving to Haiti relief, but does he ever ask himself or Haiti officials why are there still over 150, 000 people still living in tents. more »

Michel Martelly preaching unity in Gonaives

Yes he does stand up for his country, but it's surely not the most important thing. He needs to stop his voodoo worship & except "Jezi" as his savior. Haiti needs our prayers... more »

You have 15 days or I will talk, Moise Jean Charles to Jean Bertrand Aristide

I don't know what Jean-C has over Jean-B, but we must learn to let go & let God. God is the ultimate judge. The world is against haiti we need to love our own. more »

RE: Teens in rural Haiti rich in family relationship, culture

I agree, haitian people are family oriented. Love them, I pray I will find a haitian Christian man to marry, God willing more »

Keep spreading the information on Dominican Republic to the world

This is a good thing, that's why spreading the information on Dominican Republic has put pressure on their government. We must keep the pressure on them more »

Dominican and crimes

Another way of disgracing haitians. As if dominicans don't commit crime. They are corrupt, I was there & when our SUV was leaving family home near the cane field police stopped... more »

RE: Are you for "Dechoukage" or give Michel Martelly a chance?

Martelly has brought progress to Haiti, yet there is still much to be done. If Dechoukage also seeks voodoo as a source of power then martelly might as well remain in office. I... more »

devil is a hater

Frere Jean, I agree with you 100%, Jesus is what Haiti, Haitians, & It's leaders. The devil does nothing good. We must continue to lift Haiti up in prayer. more »

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