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RE: Blackout At Michel Martelly Swearing-in Caused By Act Of Sabotage

Actually, this act of sabotage was done to make Martelly, not Preval look bad and a message that some people do not want him and the changes he would like to implement, finish... more »

RE: Canadian Government Faired Jean-Bertrand Aristide Return After...

The Canadian government acted quite appropriately. That is what you called: policy and contingency measures. Really, why do you think that Jean Bertrand Aristide went back to... more »

RE: It Is Official - Michel Martelly The Next President Of Haiti

Peggy, you are stupid. If you were Mirlande Manigat's counselor and you advise her to contest the results, I believe, you would be fired. Totally idiot. more »

RE: Michel Martelly In Financial Problem As He Lost Three Homes To...

I think it is completely idiot to want to have anybody for life as president. Do you understand what is happening in the middle east right now. Regimes that have been around too... more »

Re: How Haiti Can Make Good Use Of All These Former Presidents

Did I say Ira Kurzban was a dirty Jew, withou scrupules that will do anything for money? Yes, he is Aristide's lawyer. more »

RE: How Haiti Can Make Good Use Of All These Former Presidents

It is so sad. Aristide has done so many horible things to his countrymen and it would be very vexing to see him now occupy any position of power in Haiti. Aristide's approach to... more »

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