RE: Blackout At Michel Martelly Swearing-in Caused By Act Of Sabotage

Basdos - May 17 2011, 6:12 PM

Actually, this act of sabotage was done to make Martelly, not Preval look bad and a message that some people do not want him and the changes he would like to implement, finish with business as usual and curruption as usual.

Do you know who they are?

They call themselves the opposition party.

What are they opposing against?


The ones that are involved in the corruption and want things to remain the same. That is why, I believe, this is just the beginning and that there will be many more acts of sabotage to make things difficult for Martelly.

Enemy within is the worse thing you could have. Silently, they'll try to undermine you. There are so many of them in the legislative assembly and the senate and it will be for the new administration to find these people and get rid of them, as they create problems and try other acts of sabotage, or resisting policy changes in the name of democracy.

This power sabotage is an act so "low" and with the world as witness, this goes to show how petty these people can be in their machinations.

I say, there must have been at least 2 people in this, one visibly present to report the timing and the other to do the cutting.

This is part of a conspiracy and Martelly should try to get to the bottom of it and punish severely the culprits.

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This must be one sick Haitian dude. This guy probably...

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