RE: How Haiti Can Make Good Use Of All These Former Presidents

Basdos - March 26 2011, 11:34 PM

It is so sad. Aristide has done so many horible things to his countrymen and it would be very vexing to see him now occupy any position of power in Haiti.

Aristide's approach to governing was like Khadhafi.

Either you are with me and I am your president or you are against me and I kill you. Small thinking, like old tribal thinking, as if because someone does not share his ideas, then they must suffer.

How sad. You know, in democracy, the state finances the opposition and pays its salary as the oposition has a role to play for the good governance of the whole country.

Aristide has lived outside Haiti for a number of years and must know this. Thus, for him to have instigated killings, violence, les chimeres and also, stole a lot of aid money, this guy has no moral authority and no legitimacy to occupy government positions.

If Haiti's democracy was not that feeble, Aristide should be charged with many crimes and for stealing haitian's money.

I suggest that you Haitians should wake up and say enough is enough.

This Aristide is so focus onto himself that even after the US, France and Canada intervened to ask him for the better of Haiti stability to wait just a few days because of the real possibility that his return to Haiti could have negative consequence on the pending elections of March 20, 2010. His response: No, the hell with Haiti.

He had got to be there.

What for?

Not just a few days?

Now, we know the real reasons why. Aristide wanted to be in Haiti just before the elections of March 2011, so that for the next elections in 5 years he could run again on the basis that he had not completed his full mandate.

We'll see. We'll see. In any event, Aristide, a divisive person by nature, is not a true statemen.

No sense of fairplay with a questionable intellect.

His return in Haiti has been made possible by the Fellow name "Ira Kurzban" who by the way has made a lot of money, and we know it is all stolen haitian money from Aristide to finance his legal battles.

Finally, just put Jean Claude Duvalier side by side with Aristide and listen and you would understand that Aristide was an error of history.

Que l'unite fait la force, without Aristide.


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