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RE: Surprise, Thierry Mayard-Paul Will Not Be The Next Prime Minister Of...

You have made a Good-Point there, Roland! Good-Luck to you my friend!!! more »

RE: NGOs And Religious Organizations Selling Haitian Misery- Who Benefit

Hi Roland! Hope you are fine. WoW! The video article by Mr. Trimble was just great! He showed the situation, though devastating, in a positive-light! That while there is poverty... more »

RE: Major Changes In Haiti Political Landscape With The Election Of...

Hi Roland! All the comments I have read are GOOD! There is a lot of anger towards the earlier leaders, who were more dictators, than presidents! Who looked after their-own... more »

RE: FLASH - Michel Martelly Is Expected To Be The Winner Of The Election...

Hi Roland! It is good that a winner in the race for the presidency of Haiti, is at-hand! However, to me, it is not so much Who, but What the new president will do about all the... more »

RE: Haiti Presidential Candidates Likely To Swallow Their Own Words

Hi Roland! Just a quick note to say premature-congratulations! Things seem to be improving. Just have faith, and watch the authorities, and other interested, serious prople... more »

RE: Cholera Outbreak An Excuse Not To Hold Haiti Election

Roland! I agree with Mr. Jean Max Joseph! The elections should be put off, while all interests, and efforts go forth towards quelling this crippleing-outbreak! It is irrelevant... more »

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