RE: FLASH - Michel Martelly Is Expected To Be The Winner Of The Election...

Edgar King - April 4 2011, 3:23 PM

Hi Roland! It is good that a winner in the race for the presidency of Haiti, is at-hand! However, to me, it is not so much Who, but What the new president will do about all the progressive-things that will be put into practice in this country! You and I know the many deficiencies are in existence at this time, and what should be THE PERTINENT-STEPS that need to be taken.

I believe that that president should consult with President Obama, The United Nations, and the Locally-Elected Cabinet, to come-up with Economical, Environmental, Social, Medical, and Educational (to name a few), laws, and Strickly-Enforce them, with timely inspections, to ensure that each one is carried-out to THE LETTER!!, thus finally enabling Haiti to take it's place among all the Other-Proud-and Progressive-Countries of the WORLD!!!

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