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Why all this fuss?

Why all this fuss? What was the outcome of the blackout during the inaugural ceremony of president Martelly? First that boycott was bigger than this mess and nothing has been... more »

We are dreamers

We are a nation of dreamers if we think Obama even think for once about poor people and Haitians more »

A response with concrete words and substance

That response is without any merits. There is no concrete evidence that Haiti will be neglected on a Mitt presidency. Obama didn't do that much for the poor and small business he... more »

Re: What Is The Chance Of Martelly To Get His Wish, Creating A Haitian...

How could you say that you are autonom and depend on others to policing your streets. We need an army to protect our borders and our citizens in one our independency. We can't... more »

Re: Blackout At Michel Martelly Swearing-in Caused By Act Of Sabotage

The lack of knowledge for good and beautyful display was the mere reason why someone would sabotage such an event. It is almost impossible for someone to cut live electricity... more »

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