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Re: My Friend Do Not Be Fooled On April Fool Day

Why should the Lavalas meet with Duvalierists. The Duvalierists are criminals and they should be going to jail in Haiti with Jean-Claide Duvalier. That is the only place they... more »

RE: The Entire Debate Between Martelly And Manigat - Live In Video

Se sa ki rele politik la wi, atake Mm Mulande Mannigar se yon bagay nanmal, si wou te suivre Obama a avec adverser li a nan election USA sa ou tap di li pa edike tou, paske nan... more »

RE: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Will Be In Haiti On Thursday, March 17

I hope all haitien people come to getter to vote for changes this election is the last chang for a better haiti, i hope they can see it the way I see it myself I am Haitienne I... more »

Re: The Return Of Jean-Bertrand Aristide To Haiti Is Imminent.

Tttide, Nap tan ou This is the only Haitian who can solve the problem of Haiti. Whether you like it of not, Titide will go back to haiti. Ze a ap retounin nan deye pol-La Bravo... more »

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