RE: The Entire Debate Between Martelly And Manigat - Live In Video

Mamoune - March 17 2011, 7:41 AM

Se sa ki rele politik la wi, atake Mm Mulande Mannigar se yon bagay nanmal, si wou te suivre Obama a avec adverser li a nan election USA sa ou tap di li pa edike tou, paske nan yon kesyon yo te poze li, le te repond li te rele Obama "that one" donc kou nye a se yon afe payi kap pale se pa afe fanatik, an nou mete tet nou ansanm pou nou we kote nap reve, I love that woman Mulande Hipolite Manigar but the way she's answer the questions, make me wondered, if she is the right person for that post and for a better Haiti?

i don't think so, like you said, ala yon ti payi pagen chans se Haiti.

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Le debat pour moi ressemblait a une comedie plus...

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The entire debate between Martelly and Manigat - Live in Video

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Ah bon, Mirlande Manigat a mal parle?!!!Peyi saa fini...

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