Michel Martelly went crawling to Danilo Medina following protest

Nestor P Mateo - October 14 2015, 12:14 PM

Haiti will be weak in every aspect of it financial and commercial lives until the authorities understand that they must easy out the food and other products production processes.

Land must be given in concession to petit planteurs who demonstrate that they will build a house, plant strategic crops for national consumption and for export; the government must give all types of assistance to the production all over the country, including grants, small credits, and by creating a guarantee fund to back up the big loans that some project will need.
Also, the government must open an office in each and every department of the country to facilitate land title with preference for those which will be dedicated to agriculture, livestock and agro-industrial production.

For example, a large industrial hydroponic greenhouse project to produce organic fruits and vegetable, with a cost of about one (1) billion USD, could be introduced in the country, with components in every department.

I have the entire project already set up, including four (4) different financing options to choose from, but we need back up from the government.

The same thing could be done with other areas of production.

The potentials are great, and so are the difficulties.

That's why we need a consortium "State-private enterprise-university-civil society.

Anyone interested in talking about that can get in touch with me at:

Email: [at]
Phone: 908-937-5263 (New Jersey)
011 509 36 10 2519 (Haiti)

WhatsApp: 1-809-789-9871
Messenger : 1-809-789-9871

There is a lot that can be done in Haiti and for Haiti.

Let's be part of the solution!

Eng. Nestor Mateo, MSc

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Michel Martelly went crawling to Danilo Medina following protest

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