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RE: The Real Reason Why Jean-Bertrand Aristide Was Not Supposed To Be In...

Can you leave the former presidents alone? They don't have a good record. they were a whole bunch of do nothing presidents. Let us start fresh with the new President,new ideas so... more »

Bonne chance! Mr President . Haiti need that change.

I wish the new president my best wishes. I hope,like his music he will be able to make every one of my compatriots very happy and proud of his government and the country. May the... more »

RE: Breaking News - Haiti Election Results To Be Postponed Until Monday, ...

What do you want "honesty" I wish and I am sure that most Haitians whish, The more educated more cricket they are. A whole bunch of "voye roche cache" The more educated they are... more »

RE: Breaking News - Haiti Election Results To Be Postponed Until Monday, ...

Haiti is unique! What is new? More of the same. They better do things clear and right;if don't want a revolution, You know how much my compatriots love revolution. more »

RE: Michel Martelly Vs Mirlande Manigat Most Likely

I think that Michel Martelly has a musician has a better vision of the country than many of the do nothing president with doctorate degre that we had so far; and is more in touch... more »

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