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Re: Haiti Next Prime Minister - Bernard Gousse, Jean Henry Céant Or Jean...

This is not a good thing in haitian politic. martelly had his eyes already on Gousse from day one more »

Re: Sean Penn And Gabrielle Beauvais Spotted Having A Cozy Dinner

Good for you man. I do not see any problem with Sean Penn And Gabrielle Beauvais getting together. Hopefully, Gabrielle Beauvais willmake his dedication to work in Haiti even... more »

Re: Blackout At Michel Martelly Swearing-in Caused By Act Of Sabotage

This must be one sick Haitian dude. This guy probably can not see further than his noze to think about sabotage during the inauguration of the Haitia president more »

Haiti president elect Michel Martelly goes to Washington

The newly elected president of Haiti, Michel Martelly is taking his first trip to Washington DC as the new leader of Haiti. Although it has not been made official, Joseph Michel... more »

Re: Canadian Government Faired Jean-Bertrand Aristide Return After...

I think Aristide is too caward to take a chance like this. This is definitely a case of Paranoia on the part of the Canadian Government more »

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