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Re: First Live Video Of Jean-Bertrand Aristide As South-Africa's...

li le pou nou mete blan yo deyo konn yeya more »

RE: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Will Be In Haiti Before March 20

le wap manje manje san gou yo sesa ki fe ou reflechi konsa.this the man you can try to buy and it will never for sale,you can take that to the bank. more »

RE: United States Revoked Visa Of Haitian Officials

that one thing they never learn after they use you and they reject you the same way like don't give visas what a visas,this is the same way as a ditator you do what i want or i... more »

RE: Canada to help Haiti with Ballot recount

about they elected their senat people if they are so call democracy and preach what you don't do hy.pocrit more »

RE: Why Did Jean-Claude Duvalier Really Return To Haiti?

dans la vie il ne faut pas penser de tous ce qu'il avait yo pa peye pou sa yo fe men nou pap janm gen demokrasi vwe more »

Re: The Son Of Former Port-au-Prince Police Chief Michel Francois Was...

That is funny the same people who killlot of their own when they were in power now cry for what they uesd to do to other about life when you do wrong its the same who came for... more »

Re: Sorry Jude Celestin, We Have Decided To Go With Mirlande Manigat And...

now we will learn who you can trust to make this country working again onless we all serve our master the U S A,this is democracy amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. more »

RE: Jean-Claude Duvalier Has Landed In Haiti - Video Report

se konm si nou te we menm jan apwe chak fwa,divalie tounen apwe aristid tounen,tout sa ki nou yon pep yap bat pou yo retire yo ou pa we nou pa gen 18me 1 janvye,18 novanb,7... more »

Re: Haitian Government Ready To Issue Diplomatic Passport To...

apwe yo pedi nan jwet la yo tap jwe ya konn yeya se laverite se sel neg kika mete lape nan peya mensi se yonn nan kreten yo tou li lakoz sa ki rive yo la la apwan ou pa dwe fe... more »

Re: Date For Haiti Runoff Election Scheduled For March 20, 2011

kom haiti se pou mounn port-au-prince selman li ye yo mete de mounn potopwens pou yo goumen sa ki rele haiti a potopwens. more »

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