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RE: FLASH - Guy Philippe sentenced to nine years in U.S. prison

a saga is finish. It will be very difficult to write this Haitian history page. more »

RE: Jovenel Moise: "18 to 24 months for Haiti to have electricity 24 hours"

he has no ideas what is the technical implication and need of financing for electrifying the whole country. I am still waiting for the study. more »

RE: Haiti played a critical role in US independence

unfortunately, the decision was not that of Haiti (it does not exit on those days) but of France with of course black soldiers from its Saint Domingue colony. Enfin. more »

RE: Haiti's public debt at $ 2,771 million, 33.5% of Haitian GDP

not a big deal. this debt is, in its majority, a bilateral one. more »

RE: Us taking a double standard on Haiti, Tourism Vs Deportation

two different issues. One dealing with the risk for US citizens and the other with the return of Haitians after TPS. countries may be well governed but have a high level of... more »

RE: John Kelly told Jovenel Moise Start thinking about repatriation

TPS is a temporary situation, very difficult for temporary to become permanent. One should understand that. more »

RE: FLASH - TPS pou Ayisyen pwolonje pou 6 Mwa.

One should see if this 6 months is the time given to prepare luggage. they may need an answer to this issues. more »

RE: Is Venezuela poorer than Haiti or is this another Fake news?

totally wrong. the country is facing difficult times. but, resources are there as people as basic governance as basic infrastructure. more »

RE: It was in September 1804 that Dessalines proclaimed himself Emperor of Haiti

the text gives two different place of birth for the Emperor. One should correct. more »

RE: Laurent Lamothe against Olivier Martelly's involvement in stadium project

excuse not valid for a state men... as easy as do not sign the nomination. it is a matter of principle. more »

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