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RE: It Is Official - Michel Martelly The Next President Of Haiti

Un salut et une sugestion a Mr. Joseph M Martelly Felicitation Mr cher pour cette belle victoire.Que Dieu vous benisse et vous guide dans votre role comme PRESIDENT D'HAITI. Dans... more »

Tout Moun Chita Sou Glas Ak Tet Fret

MINUSTAH Leader Edmond Mulet Says He Hopes The Loosing Party Accepts Defeat Monday April 04, 2011 08:04 AM ET FACT - In the Haiti elections there will ONLY be ONE winner - Edmond... more »

RE: Let's See How Good You Are. Will It Be Michel Martelly Or Mirlande...

Talking is cheap and action is everything Haiti is about to change for good. The Haitian youth will make sure of it. This change is inevitable, as it was in Tunisia and Egypt... more »

RE: Are Mirlande Manigat And Michel Martelly Under Gag Order

Yes there is a gag order, but here are the unofficial results Depouillement Lycee Jospeh Pierre Sully 06-22-61-02-88-7 T611 M214 Pour 6 bv Lycee Jospeh Pierre Sully... more »

Michel Joseph Martelly Will Be Declared President on March 31st

Settle this idea in your mind, because that is what it's going to be. You already know, but somehow you do want to believe it. Believe. A lot of people are saying that he is not... more »

RE: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Will Be In Haiti On Thursday, March 17

I must truly believe that Mirlande has a chance to be Preisident if she meets with Aristide is in Haiti today. At the same time i must truly believe that she has no chance if... more »

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