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Sesalye - April 4 2011, 10:13 AM

MINUSTAH Leader Edmond Mulet Says He Hopes The Loosing Party Accepts Defeat

Monday April 04, 2011 08:04 AM ET

FACT - In the Haiti elections there will ONLY be ONE winner - Edmond Mulet, Interim Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) is hopeful that the loosing party will accept defeat.

But just in case the loser soti pou-l fe lobey...

MINUSTAH is ready, Edmon Mulet says, to back up the Haitian National Police Force in assuring security in Haiti, especially in the RED zones.

In a radio interview, Edmond Mulet says

34;There has been lots of rumors circulating in Haiti these days...

but the fact remains that the Haitian people have already voted...

and the election results will show clearly who won and who lost...

I believe that all these rumors and broadcast messages being sent out will NOT change anything..."

"Les reslutats seront les resultats..."

"The winners must understand that there were also votes cast for other candidates in the election..."

"The losers must also understand that, this time around, the Haitian people did not bless you with the majority of the votes."

"That is what a democracy is.
That is why there is an election."

"You present yourself to the PEOPLE as a candidate and...

it is the PEOPLE who must decide who wins."

"You will NOT WIN all the time and you need to know how to LOOSE..."

Woy fout....

Men education nationale la...


Edmond Mulet continues

34;The message: Respecter la volonte populaire, meme si on est pas d'accord"
(Respect the people's choice even if you disagree)


Put yourself at the service of your country..."

"There are many ways you can serve your country, so I would ask the loosing parties, in all levels of the election, to figure out what other ways they can serve towards the reconstruction and development of Haiti"

"If you have to contest the elections, do it legally; do it while respecting the will of the Haitian people"


Mesdames et Mesieurs...


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