14,765 Haitians kicked out of Dominican Republic in 2013

Haiti's past with the Dominican Republic has been a long, arduous and often bloody one. The two countries share the island of Hispaniola, but little much else is common between them. Their ethnicities are different, with Haitians being more directly of African descent and those from the Dominican Republic more of a mixed race (73%). The difference is also apparent in their languages, Haitians speaking Creole and French and the Dominican Republic residents speaking Spanish and Creole.


Many speculate that the greatest disparity, that of prosperity, was the reason behind the controversial 2013 court ruling that has now seen nearly 15,000 Haitians deported from the Dominican Republic. Though roughly 20 million inhabit the island, half of the number occupy Haiti, which takes up only 1/3rd of the island. The other 2/3rd is inhabited by those of the neighbor country numbering roughly the same amount in population. Also, The Dominican Republic has a GDP that is eight times the size of Haiti's per year: $106 billion to Haiti's $13.5 billion.

Whichever of these disparities is to be blamed, the result is that Haitians are being turned out of the Dominican Republic in droves. Also, despite the justifications made by DR Ambassadors in the wake of international backlash to their court decision, including assurances that the law was meant to target the practice of document rigging and would only affect some 25, 000 people, the alarming number of deportees from the start to the end of 2013 is 14,765; this leaves the speculation of whether the number will indeed cut off at 25, 000.

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